My heart is so thrilled. I love working with those who wants to learn more about themselves. Whenever I meet up with someone, we are able to consult about issues in their lives. We go over the services I can help them to heal themselves. This will empower them to have healthier live using alternative medicine. I am using some new words that you may not be aware of.

Holistic means natural things from the earth and universal energy. The consultations are in regard to discussion about natural things we heal from. For instance what we use from the earth are craytals/gemestones, essential oils, and energy work. I also assist  doing chakras test and clearing. This is one of the examples… Heart chakra, you may be stressed and that will affect you by experiencing heart conditions, high blood pressure. Here is another example, your may be having some issues with your stomach, it is because you are struggling with will power for yourself. If you feel oppressed, it could cause you to get sick by developing ulcer, diabetes,. The spiritual part of your life is imperative to pay attention to so that it will not affect your body.

I am here to do consultations with anyone. You may have some questions about certain areas of your life. I will be happy to confer with you. I provide variety of  services that will better suit to what you are struggling with.

You can go to my website and look at About Us Page. You will find the list of my certifications. There is also a Order a Service Page you can look into the page to see what service is you are needing . There is also  page you can see what Classes I will teach in the near future.  I am here to help you to learn more about holistic medicine. Practitioner are those who are here to b give advices on certain holistic medicine to help you to make some decisions to have healthier life.

I am not a medicial doctor but I can help you with advices of which holistic medicine you can use at home… If you still struggle with some health issues, I will be happy to give you some suggestions. If the health issued still remains, Holistic Health Practitioners (HHP) should recommend you to go to your medical doctor. We as the Holistic Health Practitioners do not have medical equipment… labs to check for some issues you are struggling with,  x-rays, MRI, Cat Scan. Holistic Health Pratitioners are also may be energy healers can scan and identify areaas the client might be struggling with but is not to diagnose..  Holistic Health Practitioners are asked to encouraged their clients to go to their regular doctor.

HHP does not only consult with clients about body issues but also with spiritual walk of life. pherhals struggles with connection to the Divine/Universe and with those around you. The sessions we can go over those issues and help you to identify things and to heal from there. We can do weekly sessions to help you to uneratand yourselves better. then you will have a healthier life with clear mind, Body, spirit and mentions. It is aan wonderful experience.

Feel free to contact me. At this end of this video, there is a contact infraction you can use to contact me. Don’t wait too long, your body may be  struggling with some health issues. You want to be free from those health issues and to feel better about yourselves. It is like being let out of the bird cage and feeling free.

blessings with Love and Light