This link is very demonstrative of how the energy healing treatment works.

It is a well documented fact that people respond differently to medicines. While some heal remarkably given even the smallest amount of treatment, some other people take forever to heal given the same treatment. A medicine that works great for one person doesn’t seem to have the same healing power on someone else.

What makes this difference from one person to other, besides the obvious differences of sex, age etc, is the person’s unique Energy Field – that subtle electro-magnetic structure that most people cannot see with the naked eye. Modern science has only just begun to acknowledge and document the effects of this energy field on the physical body it supports. The knowledge of how to recognize and treat it with natural sources however, is ancient, and highly developed.

Leonardo DaVinci drew one of the most famous representations of the Energy Field;

The energy field is the same from every angle. This is the basic form of all cells in all matter: a circumference with a center. The physical body forms around that center. In the case of humans the physical body is spread along the vertical axis (also the path of high power spinning energy centers – commonly called Chakras). These transalate the vital energy in the usually invisible energy field into energy forms that are visible to the naked eye. The physical body is simply the part of us that is most easily visible. The usually invisible part, is bigger, holds us within it, and dictates everything about our bodies and lives.

Any truly successful treatment has to somehow cause a change in the Energy Field to have a body healed and stay healed. Those treatments that treat only the chemical physical processes of the body need the support of an Energy Field change before the healing becomes permanent rather than just symptoms being suppressed or controlled externally. The re-occurrence of Cancer, along with various negative side-effects, is an example of how permanent healing has not been made possible in spite of radical powerful physical treatment (drugs, chemo and radio therapies).

The beauty of the Energy Field though, is that treating it can be really simple and easy; Especially when you use naturally existing complementary Energy Fields. The energy structure of a rose (for example) rejuvenates people, and you don’t need to eat it to feel rejuvenated. Looking at one, smelling one, or even thinking of one could be enough. You see, you don’t need the actual chemical intervention on your body, or even in your stomach to feel the beautiful effects of a rose. Its energy coming into contact with yours is enough.

There have been healers through the ages who both studied and documented the healing of the body with energies from nature. Homeopathy is one of those systems. Once considered a sham medicine (and still considered so by some), homeopathy is today used by millions all over the world – because in general, it works. In the U.K it is covered by medical insurance.

The system of Energy Treatment we practice involves treating the energy field of an individual rather than treating the immediate symptoms or illnesses being faced (as is the case with Homeopathy, Herbalism or other Medical options) This is a form of treatment that involves capturing the energy structure of a natural form (a flower or seed usually) within highly purified water, and then combining this with other pure form energies, to produce just the energy structure that a person requires for his or her specific healing. 

The energy structures that can be held within water are as infinite as the universe itself. We use energy structures of organically grown plants and naturally occurring substances combined to form a highly effective pattern fine-tuned for one person’s energy field.

In ancient times this was done using solar and lunar energy (sunlight and moonlight) at specific magnetic points on the earth’s surface on specific days of the solar and lunar calendars. It was also done using electricity generated by lightning passed through gold or silver bars. In our times, because of atmospheric pollution its possible to capture pure energy fields from solar, lunar, or lightning energy only at the peaks of mountains that have no radiation or rays passing over. The most convenient option known at this time is to pass a 1 second electricity pulse through 100% silver or gold. This method ensures the purity of the energy field as well as the hygiene of the medicine itself – as this is all done in an energy sanitized laboratory environment.

This energized mix is given in doses of two drops twice a day to the person it is made for. The energy structure of the medicine made specifically for the requirements of that unique individual, works in the following way;

1) It awakens the life force in the person. 
All illness in the body is traced down to a lack of vital energy (called ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit, ‘Chi’ in Tao systems). There is no living being that does not have this vital energy in their bodies as long as they are alive. It is when the movement of this energy is blocked or restricted that illnesses and imbalances happen. Energy Medicine causes the ‘awakening’ of this life force so it starts moving outward from the center of gravity of the body (where it is stored).

2) It clears up the energy body.
The vital life force needs its way cleared out, so it can reach every corner of the body. Energy Medicine does this job by re-aligning the pathways of the body (called ‘Nadis’ in Sanskrit) so they unwind out smoothly without knots and blocks, allowing energy to flow through, like water through a clean pipe.

3) It causes the body to regenerate itself in every cell without exception. 
When the vital force reaches a cell, and that cell is vibrating at a ‘receiving’ frequency, it engulfs it with positive electricity, causing it to shake up and regenerate itself. The body becomes rejuvenated and healed one cell at a time. The healed cells then become conductors of the healing vital energy allowing it to pass through to the next cell and then the next, until the whole body is well.
Energy Medicine, by virtue of being composed of the energies of particular flowers, herbs and crystals, causes the cells of the body to become receptive and co-operative with the vital life force energy.

And so the energy body balances itself out, ironing out every imbalance and blockade. This causes a huge change in the physical body, as the Endocrine glands calm down and start functioning naturally. The nervous system has a stable flow of electricity, the heart and circulatory system find it easy to function, the muscles and bones find themselves free, energized by the function of the powerhouse of the lungs and respiratory system… and it goes on and on.

The picture below represents an unhealthy Energy Field; 

1) The center is slightly shifted from the actual center of the body.
2) The vital force is suppressed and restricted to the middle.
3) The various energy flow structures are shifted to the sides and do not flow to all corners properly.
4) The Energy Field itself is distorted, blurred and lacking in vitality in general. A person with this Energy Field would suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome OR Severe Constipation, Headaches, Lessened Respiratory and Athletic function, Raging hormones with fluctuating libido patterns, a tendency to arthritis in the right knee and possible appendicitis.

The next picture represents this Energy Field as it was intended to be, and how it will look when treated specifically to re-align the center, remove the obstacles to the flow of vital force and energize every cell;

A person with an Energy Field like this one, would be strong, clear-headed and in tune with his or her own wishes and desires. Such an Energy Field facilitates healing not only on a daily basis within the body, but causes healing all around. Notice;

1) The center of the Energy Field is right where it should be.
2) There are no blocks to the flow of the vital force from the center out.
3) All the various energy patterns, Red/Orange- Physical Vitality, Blue/Purple – Emotional Expression, Orange/Gold – Spiritual Sensitivity, are aligned with each other and receive equal energy from the center (the radiating gold lines).

Have a look at the contrast between an unhealthy and a healed Energy Field;

Energy Medicine is not really unique to any particular culture or group of people – though some cultures have documented it better than others. It has been practiced universally, alone or as part of different holistic healing therapies.

Here at our healing practice based in the Himalayas of North India, we grow herbs and flowers organically, the way they always have been, in tandem with the seasons and plant-harvest cycles. We fuse pure energies of herbs, flowers and crystals together, creating one united energy field (held within pure dew or distilled water), engineered specifically for the requirements of one person.

It is not only people that benefit from Energy Treatments, but animals and plants as well. Over the years we have shared the wonderful healing experience of people, animals and plants/trees from around the world that have used Energy Treatments alone or in combination with other treatments to find radical lasting healing. Some of these experiences are published on this website.

From user feedback, these are the Top 10 reasons why people try and recommend Energy Treatments;

1) Fed up of trying various cosmetic and alternative treatments
2) No chemicals – no side-effects (Can be taken with other treatments)
3) Need a detoxification treatment after years of being on medication/chemical cosmetics and to heal damage/ ageing caused by environmental pollution.
4) Belief in treatment of the Energy Field instead of just the physical symptoms.
5) Need a treatment to support holistic living function – body, mind, spirit.
6) Prefer medicine custom-made for unique needs
7) Prefer non-chemical no-side-effects medicine for my baby
8) Easy to give pets (dogs, horses, cats) and easy to take (just 10 drops twice a day in any liquid not hot)
9) Need an anti-ageing treatment that is not just skin treatment.
10) Identified with a case study on the website of a person who had similar symptoms/ Recommended by a friend who had tried Energy Treatment

We hope this information helps, please use the links below for further information or email us with your questions.

1.Once the treatments are made and labeled, they stay highly effective for about six months. For people, a minimum of six months treatment is required for lasting healing – though most feel the effects within a few hours of starting treatment. For animals and plants, treatment is the same though it works a lot faster than with people.
2. The best time to take Energy Treatment is around sunrise and sunset, during the time the Endocrine System is changing gear.
3. We do not advise the discontinuation of any medical treatment. Any treatment of the symptoms should be stopped only under the guidance of your doctor. We recommend that Energy Treatments users take regular clinical tests to record their healing. 

The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and do not render medical or psychological advice, opinion, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your appropriate health care provider.