Following a terrific performance against Robbie Lawler, ColbyChaos Covington appears to be receiving his UFC welterweight title taken against KamaruThe Nigerian Nightmare Usman.
The two have been destined to collide for two or three years in what might be a battle now, however sportsbook BetOnline has Usman together with Covington coming straight back at +195 as the popular at -250. This fight hasnt been announced officially yet, however it appears that it will occur at UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden on November 2.
In the event the odds remain the same, this would indicate the first time that Covington has been a underdog in the UFC. Chaos closed with -112 for Maia and odds for both Covington of -108 as a very slight puppy contrary to Demian Maia, also Colby won that bout.
In the same way, Usman was favored in eight of his last nine fights from the Octagon, with only his final struggle for the title against Tyron Woodley viewing The Nigerian Nightmare. He is now a perfect 10-0 in the UFC and put on a dominant operation in that fight to win the name.
When they opened with Usman favored as Covington and a favored coming back in +230, I was shocked to observe the chances. To where the odds are now, the line moved in the favor of Covington, but I guessed they??ought to have been nearer and judging by the early line movement, you may have the ability to receive the champion at a number.
It is extremely hard to predict exactly how this struggle will go as these two opponents have similar styles in how they utilize clinch work, wrestle and wear a pace to earn a decision triumph. Neither fighter has enormous power in their hands as Usman has completed just two of the own 10 UFC struggles, although Covington has completed four of the nine wins.
Due to the size, I give the advantage to Usman overall however. Touch the other with strikes which heap up and always both men will look to have a grappling match that is strong and drill out the competition. Usman is a bit larger than Covington, that will give him an edge in grappling exchanges and these clinches.?? Chaos might have marginally greater elimination, which could give him the edge in the subsequent rounds, but it might be too little, too late.
Odds at August 6 in BetOnline

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