Hello Dear Ones

Today I would like to talk about three things. Tulips, Mother Charline, and Gratitude.

First I am going to talk about is turnips. Why is it that I am going to talk about tulips? When we decided to open our home to Hospice Care to take care of our Mother. The Nurse that came to do the paper work… I was very blessed that day to have my second daughter, Krystle, to take some time off from work to interpret for me. I am very grateful for that. There was one thing that the Nurse had shared with us that had a big impact on us that day. He explained that when elders are ready to leave their bodies… it is the same with tulips.In the springtime,  you will see beautiful flowers growing front he ground. The tulips blooms beautiful by showing their leaves first … then you will see the stem and on top of the stem you see a beautiful flowerbud blooming. The tulipp is beautiful with red color. I picked the color red because it is our mother’s favorite color. I am wearing red to represent her love for the color red. Anyway about tulips, they bloom very beautiful during the spring as the season brings rain and the soil are moistened making it easy for for the tulip to grow. You will notice that the tulip is starting to show signs of dying. It is similar to to elders growing up throughout the years and having good life,  eating healthy and drinking water. When they are approaching to the time they are deceasing, the body starts to reject foods and water. Now you see the body is ready to shut down. There are signs of the elders that are about ready to pass on and leaving their frail bidies. That was a perfect illustration between tulip and elders that brought comfort to my family, friends and me to accept the idea of her passing.

Now I would like to talk about Mother Charline. She is our angel and so many people love to be around our Mother. She knews how to emanate her love to others. She was a Prayer Warrior. She believed in God and his love and that he does take care of the people she loves. She prays to God to help those who needs help-. She never cease to pray for her family. She had a peaceful transition . Yes, we do miss her very much . I miss her because she lived with me for 13 years. Its like we had a strong friendship. We both are DeafBlind.  She understood me and I understood her. She is not “gone” . Yes she left her body but is always with me. Her spirit lives on in my heart and she is also with each of you that knows her.

Now I want to talk about how grateful the family my husband and i are. We are  very blessed and grateful to God for sending you all into our lives to support us to get through this difficult time. God knew we would need support through this time of sadness. He lives within each of us and He loves each one of you. He knows that we love our Mother Charline. We are very grateful for your love. We want to say think you to the Hospice care for helping us and helping me to take care of our Mother Chatline. We want to take the time to thank the people at Deaf International Community Church in Olathe, Kansas, for allowing us to use their building to be able to celebrate her passiing. And to allow us the remaining time we had left with Mother Charline. We had the prilieage to talk bout her good deeds, sharing pictures on the Power Point. We are also grateful to Pastor Debbie Buchholz for her wonderful work to make sure everything went smoothly during the service. Also want to include the tech team who made sure things worked out smoothly during the service. I am also grateful fot the  voice carry over interpreters and one on one interpreter for me.. We are constantly blessed . It was a great memorial celebration of the life of our Mother Charline Norris. May she enjoy her new life now where she isn’t having any more blindneess, no more deafness, and no more pain. that caused her to suffer tremendously. She loves all of you. she is always with you in your hearts. Blesings ~ Namaste