Hello Dear Ones, sending my love to each of you,

Today I would like to share the “tip of the Week” with DSR Followers

I will be sharing tips that you might like to learn more about alternative medicine. You may know some of the tips i will be sharing with you in the future .

Today the tip is about lavender essential oil.. Lavender is something that most of you are aware of. You may have seen it printed on lotion bottles,. You may have also seen others talk so much about Lavender and good things about the oil.

Now about Lavender and children… you may mis lavender oil with water. You use very little oil because of the weight of the children. Newborns you use the oil very scarely.

Now I will share how you can use the lavender oil…

You can put drops of the oil on the palm of your hand and mix it with lotion/carrier oil on children. I tend to use lavender oil with my grandchildren. What I tend to do is put one drop of lavender oil on the tip of my finger mix it with lotion and put them on their ear lobes. I learned it from a Hospice representative that they tend to put on the Hospice patients to help them to relax them in a natural way. This is the alternative way to help them to relax.

There is another tip you may add the lavender oil to a spray bottle. Be sure to shake the bottle each time you use the bottle because the oil and water trends to separate when you leave it on the shelf for long period of time. There are several ways you can use the spray bottle with lavender oil.

If you are struggling to sleep at night, you may use it on your pillow. Spritz it on the pillow just before you are ready to go to sleep. As for babies that struggles to sleep or being upset after trying different options to help the baby to feel better such as bottle, diaper change and other things. You can use the spray bottle to spritz it around the baby’s crib. The baby will in time become relax and fall asleep. You can also use it on your pets. Like I have mentioned , to use the spray bottle mixed with lavender oil. My DeafBlind dog used to become restless in her kennel when she is put in the kennel for the night. I tend to get the spray bottle and spritz it above the kennel. In about fifteen minutes, she falls sleep in her kennel.

You also can use the spray bottle to ward off low entilities that tends to affect you. You spray with intention to clear the room. and around you to protect yourself.

Blessings~ Namaste

Be sure to check with your doctor to see if using the oil will not cause complications with your medicine that your doctor prescribed for you. Thank you.