There are debates regards to Gemstones/Crystals are “magic” elements that Christians are saying to stay away from the gems and crystals. My question is… what about those medications that are harmful to the bodies that God gave to us. Those chemicals are  causing our organs to age faster. The Gemstones and crystals are natural healing elements that has NO side effects to our bodies. Gina Swanson, HHP

For centuries the allure of the precious gem has been all encompassing. It is therefore no surprise that precious stones are mentioned repeatedly in the bible. Not only were these gems sought after for their adornment value, but they had a very strong symbolic value. It is, however, an undeniable fact, that for thousands of years, precious stones have been highly regarded for their beauty, natural quality, utility and meaning.

One of the most debated and deciphered references to precious stones is the one in Exodus chapter 28th describing Aaron’s holy garments. The buttons on each shoulder of his garment was to be made of onyx stones set in gold and the names of the 12 sons of Israel were engraved on these two stones, six on each onyx. On the breast piece of Aaron’s garment there were four rows, three stones per row, of twelve gem stones. These gems have been interpreted as the Stones of Fire, brought by Moses from the mountain. While there are some differences of opinion pertaining to the type of stones on Aaron’s garment, it has been suggested that they includeddiamonds, amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate and topaz.
The number twelve, as it relates to precious gems appear more than once in the Bible. The book of Revelation, 21: 19-20 in talking about The Apocalypse, describes how the foundation walls of the city were garnished with a variety of precious stones. It is believed that the stones mentioned here were the same stones on Aaron’s garment. Ever wondered where birthstones got their start? Now you know. The stones are listed in order of the Roman calendar, However the order has changed through the years and the months assigned a specific stone today is merely done for commercial reasons.
There are many stories of the value placed on precious gems. While gold and silver were staples, their value was enhanced by the addition of precious stones. In the Bible times, many paid their respects with these gems. WhenKing Solomon was visited by the Queen of Sheba, she brought with her large amounts of gold, silver and precious stones. The King himself was known to have a vast collection of his own. Then there was King David the father ofKing Solomon who captured the crown of the King he had defeated. The crown was decorated with gold and precious stones. To the victor, the prize.
Many other references to precious gems were made in the Bible to illustrate a certain quality. Of the twelve gems listed in the bible, the ruby was said to be the Lord of Gems. The Lord instructed that it be placed around Aaron’s neck. Red Jasper, one of the oldest of gemstones, symbolizes protection. Amber symbolizes god’s power in purification, judgment and sanctification, while Amethyst relates to majesty and priesthood.
Today, we value precious gems for their beauty and adornment value. We are bombarded with advertisements linking a precious stone to love. Catch phrases like “Diamonds are Forever”, “Every kiss begins with Kay” and “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” are embedded in our psyche. Precious stones today have become very commercialized. While the Bible makes many references to precious gems, the symbolic aspect appears to take precedent over the adornment value.
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The significance of precious gems in the Bible
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The significance of precious gems in the Bible
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