James Adducci, a 39-year-old out of Wisconsin, is the guy who took William Hill’s sportsbook for $1.19 million after Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters.
Adducci told The Action Network’s Darren Rovell that he was $25,000 in debt just months before and funded the wager, in part, by promoting some Amazon stock.
Adducci said it was his first sports bet and that he didn’t hedge.
It arrived to James Adducci from nowhere.
Tiger Woods was likely to win the Masters.
What follows is a story as bizarre as Tiger Woods comeback. No, it’s even crazier. It does not even seem possible.
You see, William Hill is paying $1.19 million on Monday, the most the bookmaker’s U.S. branch has ever paid out on a single golf wager.
And it is paying it out into the 39-year-old Adducci, who says this was his first sports bet. He explained the only other wager he had placed in his life was with the now defunct site Tradesports which Arnold Schwarzenegger would win the 2003 recall election for California governor. Yes, Adducci stated he won that bet also.
Hree different large Las Vegas sportsbooks confirmed independently they don’t have any record of Adducci ever placing a sports bet previously at their properties.
Adducci stated he did not know how to put a wager and he surely didn’t have $85,000 on hand. Nevertheless last Tuesday afternoon, after the Wisconsin native shot a trip to Vegas, he walked up to the desk at the sportsbook in the SLS Casino in Vegas and asked whether he would find an $85,000 wager on Woods to win the Masters. (William Hill conducts the sportsbook in the SLS, among over a hundred such places for the business in Nevada.)
It had been the third sportsbook Adducci stated he’d visited that day. One sportsbook said the maximum they would let him wager was $4,000. The Westgate, Still another, set the max. He passed both offers, hoping to place the lump sum down at one book.

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