remember who you are

Arachangel Michael – The card message says…. ”

Hello… the card I have shared with you previously.. I am here now to bring more clarity message as to what the Divine want you to know…

Maybe today are thinking about being unsure of who you are, The situations that confuses you, feeling frustrated, upset, or depressed. How can we find a way is to turn to God and ask for help. You also can ask Archangel Michael. Michael is here now to remind you that you are LOVED. You are a loving person inside your heart. You are amazingly powerful. The power can empower to be strong and to love others unconditionally.

Also helps with creatitvity.. You can work with your ideas into beautiful things… People can to oppress you with your ideas. Keep the thoughts positive and keep going because HE cares for you and LOVES you. There are others that looks at you And think you are loving and is a wonderful person. It is important to love yourself in order to be able to help others.

Thank you…Namaste

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Blessings with Love and Light