Hello Dear Ones

Today I am using the Deck called Saints and Angels. Using this deck will bring a message to share with you. I am now inviting Higher beings, God/Divine/Universe.

Wiping energy off the cards – Shuffling

Asking for protection from Archangel Michael to deliver the message. Guide me, Archangel Gabirel…chose a card


The message is from your guardian angel.

Commitment… You can ask your guardian angel help you when you need to make a commitment.

The message…. be aware that we all have our commitments to do a task, commitment to your relationships, commitment to your family memebes and friends. There are diversity of committments.

Commitment is really imperative to keep to keep as long it does not harm yourself or others. The holiday is coming up next week. You may have something that you are already committeed to and you struggle with making a decision to do something else. If you have other commitments, you may want to something else. Remember if it is not life threatening,. it is okay to heed to the need to help someone if you need to break your commitment with the plan you already are committed to.

You need to take carte of yourself and that mean your mind, body, spirit. being calm calm brings clarity to your mind, body, and spirit. When you are so into many commitments, you become overwhelmed. Your mind, body, spirit becomes may start experience  tireness. When we are not taking care of ourselves, we become physically sick. Winter is approaching, I have already seen some snow on the ground and perhaps some of you have not.

The message is that we need to take care of ourselves in order to keep our commitments. Commit to yourselves is the important thing you to do for yourself.

If you do have a commitment with someone else, and another thing comes up and that it could wait… the person will respect you if you tell them that it need to wait. We have to learn to say ‘no’ to things that comes up that we cannot commit to. You can say this…  I will pray for you or send energy to uplift the parsons that needs help. Perhaps could send another person to help out.

Our relationship with ourselves and the Divine/Universe is very important to keep. It is encouraged to meditate daily and to be aware that we may be faced with life with things that happens daily..keep telling yourself that you are committed to yourself first and Dvine to focus on your present life journey then I will be able to help others. You want to be “healthy” to help others.

Please take care of yourself during  Thanksgiving. Be consider of yourself/others and their commitments.

Thank you for your time to view this video with the message I pray that you will enjoy your Thanksgiving next week.

I will be happy consult with you… I have a website that you can go to to use the Contact Form on the website…  Look for Contat Gina Page.

Blessings ~ Namaste