Ace of Air (Sword)

Hello Dear Ones

Today I would like t o do Card Reading for you. I will be using Tarot Cards. I will be using thew Angel Tarot Deck.

Now I am going to take the time to invite the Higher Beings/Divine/God to come and join us, please. I am also inviting Archangel Michael to protect us during the reading to make sure there is no  low entities to interfere during the reading. I am also inviting Archangel Gabriel to join us and to guide me as I share the message from the Higher Beings/Divine/God to you and to each person that views this video. This will bring us to an understanding about how we are faced with situations that applies to the card reading today.

I am ready to shuffle the cards and I am very grateful for the Higher Beings/Divine/God to be with us right now. Love to you all.


Hello again, today I drew the card which is, “Ace of Air.”  Air applies to swords according to the original tarot cards.  It is a sword/communication suit. The photo that I have looked at that you have already seen previously. The Unicorn that has wings is looking around and being inspired.  The inspiration helps the Unicorn to receive visions to come it’s mind.  Those can be visons or messages to learn something new. It also encouraging you to think about what may be coming up soon… For example, Spring is approaching very soon and we need to start thinking of different activities that is related to Spring. Make sure it’s good for your mind, body and spirit. Also maybe think about gardening perhaps it’s time to look for the organic seeds to sow in your garden as you prepare your garden for the spring.

You will notice when the vision comes to your mind, the ideas are messages to start preparing for something. You may be graduating soon and need to start thinking about what type of career you want in the future or a dream job. Do your research and keep your eyes open for new possibilities in your future.

Now about your mind, body , and spirit and how it applies to yourself with communication, the Source/Divine/God  is encouraging you to be ready… Ready for what? To be prepare to look inside yourself and find the gifts that you have hidden inside. You can  grow with that gift and be inspired to use it.  There is a possibility that you found your gift and then  you may see someone else has the similar gift. You may come to the point where you doubt yourself. You will come up with questions in your mind such as: should I go ahead and develop the gift and to help others or should I  look for something else that is unique. The Source?Divine/God gave to you the vision and motivation. That vision is a message of encouragement to move on with your gift that you had just discovered.

So, please take the time to take a good look inside yourself and your gifts. Do not worry about what gifts others have because you are here on earth to serve others and to teach them. And others will teach you also. There may be possibilities that you will become motivated then you doubt yourself. The situation you are faced may be a huge challenge.  Don’t become discouraged. You already have gotten the message from the Source/Divine/God. The doubts you may sense… don’t let it stop you and move on with those gift.

I want to take this time to share with you that developing those gifts, your visions or  you may be faced with a situation that may be tough, your experieces and my experiences and riding a bicycle.. When we were young children, are we ready to ride a adult bicycle? No, we start out with what? We start with a low pedal tricycle. We learn as we practice. As time goes, how do we learn to move on to more advanced bicycling?  Your parents sees you as a child and sees that you are ready for more advanced bicycle by getting a tricycle. As you grow with time, you your skill at riding the tricycle and enjoyment of  riding the tricycle brings you to the point where you enjoy riding a tricycle. It is the same with any gifts you have.  the vision you see yourself developing the gift you have hidden inside yourself.  There might be times when you may feel that you you can do the gift or are unable to do it. Don’t worry, it takes practice. Be sure to ask the Higher Beeings to help you. They are always there to help you.  Your positivity in your mind will empower your mind that you CAN do it. Your thoughts are energies that will help you to develop the gift similar to riding a bicycle.

Be sure to think about your gifts and discuss it with someone else about those gifts. Air of Sword is is a part of communicating your vision with someone else that will help motivate you with your new gifts. Do your research and ask  those who have devleoped those gifts. They will be willing to help you. If you are faced with someone that is not willing to help you, Don’t listen to those who tells you not to explore your new gifts because the Higher Beings are working with you. The person that discourages you not to explore your new gifts,  it may be a possibility that they feel threatened with competitions they may have with you.  You may be faced with judgements from others or they may feel threatened with their similar gifts.

The Universe and Higher Beings do not judge you. They love you dearly. They know your soul and your desires. The unicorn is looking around with beautiful wings.   It is Seeing the beauty of nature. The vision that the unicorn has and nothing is stopping or interfering the unicorn and it’s visions.  Unicorn is taking the time to communicate with the Universe. Take time to pray and ask the U inverse to help you with those gifts you want to work with or if you feel being less motivated and want to get back on track with those gifts.  The vision that you have receive is helping you to get motivated again.

Blessings~ NAMASTE