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 Antonella Alsop – Switzerland

 Bracelet and ring from Gina Norris Swanson it a wonderful help you the energy up when you re down…contact her for selling! smile!


 Lin Machalski

]I was with Antonella “Nella” and she was so impressed and very happy that she was able to walk better with one foot that was in pain for four months~ she saw her dr and went to different treatments  no help. Nella decided to buy a few from Gina and Ron ~! wrapped one around her ankle with that one injured foot. On Monday she was suprised and impressed that she didn’t feel any pain anymore for nxt few days, smile… happily walked around~


 Connie Loper – California 

At times my hand would be of an intense discomfort and arms feel like a burning sensation. I didn’t feel that for quite some time since I’ve been wearing the bracelet (looking like Nella’s) although only one. So far so good~


Kate Reif Stille – Arizona

Hi everyone! I want to share w you about the magnetic necklace w heart. When I put it on me, it goes through the whole body. I have osterpenia (low bone mass) and I had pains in both shoulders and arms. When I put it on and takes 5 minutes, pains are less and kinda gone! I feel energy and cheerful. At nite, I took it off for bed. Some pains come back! I don’t need to take much Tylental or Aleve! I want to order one for my 24 year old daughter in Calif. She suffers much from migraines. I will tell her to wear it when migraines come. Thank you so much, Gina! Bless you.


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