Hello Dear Ones… I send my love to you all~

I want to do the Quote of the Week that has planned on a weekly basis. I want to share the quotes that I felt led to share with you that p

[perhaps is a message from God/Universe to specifically for you.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s learning to dance in the rain. Unknown

The quote I just shared with you… We can learn to face our struggles, problems that hits us in the face, hard knocks and chaotic lives. What do we do? Should we stop living our lives or hope that the storm will clear up to be able to see the sun rays shining through the clouds. Then you will feel the warmth front he sun…. Does this mean its the true meaning of true happiness?

We are experiencing struggles. God does not over shower us with those type of situations that we struggle with. It is the experiences you will gain for your own beneifits. He allows you to experience those situations so that we can learn to improve ourselves and also to help others who are facing similar situations that we experienced. You can share your experiences to those who are being impacted with those similar situations. We stand together to help each other in unity. We are here to work together in LOVE.

We as humans have learned what LOVE is. We are aware of the problems that we face and we believe we have faith to go through the chaotic situations. Why do we continue to strive to go through those chaos? We all know that at the end of the struggle, the sun rays will shine. it is the sign that shows we have overcame the difficulties and succeeded to have victories overcoming those “storms.”

This message encourages you all to be aware that life may have storms and still we learn to accept it. Also to continue to be happy  then move on with our lives. We will look back with a smile and gain the wisdoms with a heart full of happiness. This empowers us to be ready to help others.

I pray that you all will use those experiences and struggles to help others who are just not understanding how to deal with those situations they are struggling with. They will feel like there is no hope but we are here to help them. We are their HOPE.

Let’s share that love with others. Enjoy the Spring storms because it nurtures our Mother Earth.

Blessings ~ Namaste