(This vlog was made the same week my Mother passed on. I didn’t have the chance to transcript the vlog. I still feel this is a message to be shared with you at the right time and right place.)

Hello, I would like to share a quote with you all.

“Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do, even your mistakes. Because even mistakes means you’re trying.”

The quote I just shared with you. I read that quote and the loving message that I received from the Divine and I wanted to share it with you all.

We are humans – We are here on earth now to experience difficulties. It teaches us wisdom of life. Then when things happen again, our experiences helps us to know what steps to take with the present situation.. There may be another person you may see that has the similar situation and you are able to share your experiences with that person.. The person that is faced with the present situation and learn from you what you have experienced. It is important  to work with each other with unity of love by sharing our experiences.  God/Divine/Source doesn’t want us to neglect to help others with our experiences…. Perhaps there may be a time when the person who may be going through difficulties and you see the similarity in your situation that you ghhave already overcome the difficulties. We may try to keep the wisdom to ourselves and not sharing it with that person who needs help. God/Divine/ source has shared the message with you, we need to work together in unity to share our experiences.  Learn love yourselves then then you will be able to love others. Be proud of your deeds… it doesn’t mean that we are big shots but you deserve a pat on your back.. Now we need to look beyond ourselves and help encourage others. Tell them that you are proud of them and sharing positive energy with person. Share your wisdom with person who is struggling with the difficulties in their lives.Be rue to tell person that it is okay to be faced with mistakes and to keep trying.  I have experience difficulties but i kept trying and now I am able to succeed.

There is a parallel example… Are you able to ride a two wheels bicycle when you were a young child? Do you think getting on a adult size bicycle and you can try to pedal?  When your parents encourages you to learn new things in life. As a young child, you learned how to push your feet on the pedals on the bicycle by learning how to balance riding the bicycle.  With experiences, you gain wisdom. Then you were able to use your feet to ride around in tricycle.  Eventually the parents came to the point when they saw that you are ready for the next advance bicycle so they would buy you a tricycle.  You may have fallen off the tricycle many times but eventually learned how to balance yourself on the tricycle.  You have learned how to balance on the bicycle by remembering the previous experiences. Eventually the tricycle would be traded with a bicycle with training wheels.  As a young child, you may have gotten very exciting to ride the new bike. You may have learned how to balance yourself on that bicycle with training wheels then became very fluent in riding the bike. Your parents kept an eye on you and your skills to give you a chance to learn to ride two wheels bicycle by taking the training wheels off. You may have became frustrated but eventually learned how to balance yourself with the bicycle and then finally become fluent in riding a bicycle. Then when you became an adult and can go for a long bike rides.  How did you ride so fluently… it is because of past experiences to gain wisdom.  Those experiences brings confidence  to love yourself and believe in yourself.  Be proud of yourself that you have succeeded.

That is the message from God//Divine/Source to share the message with with you all.

Blessings – Namaste