Hello Dear Ones…

Today I want to do an oracle card reading for you… The type of deck I am going to use today is: Archangel Oracle Cards that was developed by Doreen Virtue.

Now I would like to invite the Higher Beings God/Source or any of your Ascended Masters to please join us… Angels l that are here with us now is Archangel Michael to protect us and I also invite Gabriel to guide me into sharing the message from the Divine. Thank you, Higher Beings and I love you..I am very grateful with all of my heart.

Okay, here we go… I am going to shuffle the cards… (Cut)

The card was drawn is “Overcoming Difficulties.” Archangel Jeremiel has am encouraging message for you. “The worst is now behind you, and you’re surmounting any previous challenges.”

The message is intended for you. I am ready to share the message from the Divine…

Eveyrday we are faced with challenges in our lives. We struggle to make the choices. The first choice is to kept trying and to gain victories by facing our challenges. Second choice we can  easily give up on facing our challenges in our lives. We can say we give up… I can’t do it… I am not good enough… Others are is saying I can’t do it… or … I do not understand why I am faced with those kind of challenges.

I am going to  share with you two types of challenges… The first category are situations that we are being challenged. The challenges are there for the Universe to help us. Those challenges are something that you can handle. There is a bible verse that says, “God does not give you something you cannot handle.” We should not say we are not able to tolerate those challenges. God did allow you to experience something that you can handle and to have victories. This is a positive message from the Diviine. For example,  I struggle my challnenge with my Mother. Mother is with the Hospice Care now in our home. I am personally DeafBlind. I am faced with things such as reading the medicine bottles and instructions how to administrate the dosage of medications , I am being challenged to find a way to communicate with the nurses.It is a big responsibility that I am coping with. I am truly blessed with the Hospice Care. But the nurse comes twice a week that brings me to the point where I am faced with daily challenges to be a caregiver for my Mother. I could accept the responsibility, I could just tell myself that those challenges are way too much responsibilities for me as a deaf blind person and I could have also become overwhelmed with the things I need to do for my mother and Hospice Care. And if I decided to not be be there for my mother and she would be very uncomfortable during her last days or end up being in  the nursing home. I chose not do those things… but chose to face it and to move on to be challenged and to not let it overcome me. I am doing this because of  my love for the Divine and my love for my mother. I believe working hand in hand with Hospice Care. They help me and i help them to keep the expenses for Medicare to the minimum. To keep the story short, I chose to go ahead and challenge those situations daily.

The positive side of those challenges, my experiences are turned into victories. Once I have victory with the challenge with my mother, mother will pass on to the other side to gain her Wings. I will feel blessed that i was able to convercome those challenges. It is the same with each of you, we all struggle with our challeneges and constantly being reminded what Gina has shared with us. God allowed us to face those challenges we can handle. He did not give us the challenges but he allows it to happen for a reason. Those experiences are wonderful… Experiences means we gain wisdoms . I encourage you to keep trying. With an understanding, we may feel overwhelmed with those situations but we can look back and see that we did try and we made it. If you think you made mistakes, no… it’s not mistakes but it teaches us how to know how to face future challenges..

So now I would like for you know that Archangel Jeremiel is able to help you face the difficulties in your life to reward yourself with earned victories. You can ask God or the Higher Beings to help you.

It is your choice and it is important you make the decision… Whether to face challenges or not to overcome the challenges  everyday.

YOU can DO IT.. I believe in you and I believe in love.  We are to love yourself and you will have victories. if you don’t love yourself and being critical to yourself… you will not be able to have victories. It is important to love yourself and take care of yourself.

Blessings ~ Namaste