Hello Dear Ones, sending my love to each of you~

I want to share about different alternative medicine. Maybe you are aware of some of the alternative ways or perhaps you are not aware of some that I may be sharing with you in the future. I will be sharing different supplements you may use as alternative medicine.

Today I am going to talk about Magnetitte Crystals.

(Photo of Magnetite Crystals)

I am going to share the brief history of the magnetite crystals.

Back in the 500 BC, there wasw a shepherd trod ding upward on some areas where were bills and moutnains. He noticed that he has some sort of substance that were clinging on the nails of his shoes and the tip of the bottom of his staff. He cleared them off from time e to time. He went to share with a group to about the substance in his country called Magnesia..

Cleopatra, one of the queens of Egypt. she was a avid user of magnetite crystals on her third eye. She either lay down with a magnetite on her third eye… between her eyebrows or wear it as a jewelry on her head. She believed that magneite crystals helps supplement her pituar4y gland. Pituitary gland is one of the important organs of your body that copes with nerves and hormones. It is imperative to take care of your pituitary glad. Cleopatra knew the value of using magnetite crystals to supplement her pituitary gland..

Eventually as time goes, Rome used the eel snakes to electrify the affected areas where affected joints  suffers with arthritis.

In Greece, they use the magneite crystals to purge illnesses.

In the country of China, they use the magnetite crystals as a compass.

There will be more mentioned in the rest of this vlog

In the year of 1000 AD, there was a person from Persia who discovered magnetite crystals to help reduce spams.

In the year of 1269, The person who discovered magnetitee crystals has discovered that magnets helps with the north and south polarity.

The another discovery was done by a person from Switzerland that had discovered that magnetite crystals helps with gout and jaundice.

There was another discover was found the same year that we can use magneite crystals with the compass.

Eventually, Pare, the father of modern surgery, discovered that he can use powered magneite crystals and honey to help speed up the recovery from surgeries.

There was a person who write a book called De Magnate. The author of the book is Gilbert from England. He had so much knowledge with electricity and magnets, he decided to documinate his knowledge into a book.

Leyden in the later years, he discovered to use a jar with foil lined inside and outside of the jar with magnets that was made into compacitors.

Our famous Benjamin Franklin,  in 1747 discovered the wonders of magnets by using a magnet iron key attached to the kite that attracted lightning to the key.

Galvani discovered that animals has a natural magnet inside their bodies that will either be facing north or south while they are grazing on the pasture. Be on the look out when you are passing a herd of cattle.

In the year of 1800 was volt battery was discovered by the using the magnets.

In 1911 there was a physician who discovered that magnetite crystals helps with the heart issues that has something to do with signals to the heart.

Eventually another person noticing small animals that tends to migrate to the north and south. They have it in their system to know how to go north and south.

Unfortuaally after the World War II, they have decided to announce that all of the documented history of using magnetite crystals were quackery.

Eventually in 1954, they started to study the magnetite crystals again nd discovered that it helps with cells and metabolism.

In 1962 there was a discovery by a person that using magnetite crystals in medical devices such as MRI.

Now I am going to share what benefits you will get when you use the magneite crystals with your spirituality journey.

Magnetite crystals helps with clearing up your third eye/Intuition.

It brings calming energies to your mind, body and spirit.

It wards off fears, worries, and anger.

It also brings more power to your telepathy ability to be able to have clearer visions.

It is a very grounding crystals to help with meditation.

You are encouraged to see if you are feeling drawn to magnetite crystals. If you are drawn and the message to you is that your mind, body and spirit is needing the guidance of magnetite crystals.. It also helps with your subtle and etheric bodies. It brings protective shield to your mind, body and spirit.

(Photo of Wrap Around Magnet Therapy Bracelet)

Maghnetite crystals are envolved into Magnet Therapy Jewelry. Those are what Magnet Therapy Jewelry looks like… Here are my necklace and my wrap around bracelet. Those jewelry has magnets. It helps with many health issues related health issues you may have..

My body has fibromyalgia. I wear the jewelry everyday – day and night. I don’t use them during my water activities such a showering and swimming. When I do work outside,  i wear the jewelry to supplement my need to have less pain. I do not take any prescribed medicine to help me deal with the pain that I experience with fibromyalgia issues.

It can help with high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes… anything to do with blood cells and oxygen. Your cells become swollen and it is the sign of inflammation. When you wear the jewelry, the cells swelling tends to be reduced. Your blood cells will be able to flow smoothly through the vessels. If your cells become inflamed, it causes less flowing through the blood vessels.. When they become inflamed, it causes pains in your body.

We do sell magnet therapy jewelry. At the end of the vlog you will see the website to be able to see what type of jewelry we make. Here is the link in front of me…

Blessings ~ Namaste