Magnet Jewelry Benefits

Various cultures throughout the centuries have used magnetic therapy to heal many types of afflictions. Today, magnetic therapy is still effective and has now evolved into wearing magnetic jewelry. Wearing magnets as jewelry in the form of pendants, bracelets or rings can alleviate a variety of body pains and ailments.


    • When a magnet is placed on a particular part of the body, the magnetic field has the capability to penetrate the cells it is exposed to, and stimulate the area which is in pain. This cell stimulation improves blood circulation and oxygen flow, which in turn can lead to pain relief. Magnetic therapy can also raise endorphin levels, which are the body’s natural pain killers.


    • By increasing the blood circulation in the body, magnetic therapy helps to flush out excess toxins that may be contributing to the pain a person is feeling. Additionally, the magnets can help rid the body of calcium deposits which can prove to be harmful. Oxygen is able to circulate more freely resulting in an increase of physical energy and mental clarity.


    • Pain associated with arthritis and lupus can virtually be eliminated depending upon where the jewelry is worn on the body. Wearing a piece of magnetic jewelry in approximately the same area where the ailment is on the body, will garner the best result. Magnetic power is measured by its fields of polarity. The North Pole, or negative pole, is said to have a calming, relaxing effect. The South Pole, or positive pole, is said to have a stimulating, activating effect.


    • As the magnetic stimulation increases the blood flow and reduces inflammation, people who suffer from certain specific ailments, may benefit the most from magnetic therapy. Some of these ailments include arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back and shoulder pain and sports injuries. Magnetic jewelry can also have an anti-aging effect. As toxins are gradually eliminated, the aging process can be slowed. Consistently wearing magnetic jewelry will allow for greater potency of these benefits.


    • It is not recommended for anyone wearing a pacemaker or any other type of metal instrument inside their body to wear magnetic jewelry as it could interfere with the mechanism. Additionally, it is not advisable for pregnant women to use magnetic therapy simply as a precautionary measure for the unborn child. According to the World Health Organization, magnetic therapy has been deemed safe for use for both children and pets.

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