“A Healthy Holistic Holiday?”, you ask.  How in the world can one be holistic during the crazy, fun, food laden holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s and still enjoy it?  It can be done simply and effectively with these healthy holistic hints.
family jumpingMove – Moving with awareness creates a relaxed yet energized body. Take walks, stretch, dance, skip elevator/escalator rides and pick the parking space farthest away. While you move, connect to your body. You will be amazed at the difference in your energy!!
woman eating healthyEat for Balance and Enjoyment – Yes, you can enjoy all of your favorite holiday foods and still stay in balance.  How? Maintain your blood sugar by controlling your portion sizes, how often you eat, AND most of all, include green veggies and fruits. It’s the veggies and the fruits that will allow your body to stay in balance while you taste your holiday favorites. Squeeze fresh lemon, lime or orange into your water. Munch from veggie platters, especially the celery and cucumbers, they will add water and keep your body alkalized and energized!!
woman meditationBreathe – Breathe often, deeply, and with awareness through the holidays. We all get so stressed out over what we think we NEED to do in order to create the most perfect holiday.  Yet when we stress we automatically hold our breath which causes our body to stress even more! So let’s take a deep cleansing breath together right now. Ahhh…didn’t that feel great??!!
Don’t limit exercising these tips to the holiday season, enjoy them year round!  For more hints on how to incorporate healthy holistic tips into your world check out my Happy Holistic Holidays ELS, a workshop for creating balance and energy for the holidays and into the New Year. 
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