Hello,  my precious family/friends… My love emanate to you
I am blessed to connected to you. You bring blessings to my life.

I want to share with you today and whats up with today’s date August 15th. Today is Mikao Usui’s earthly birthday.. It has been 150 years since the day he was born. “Happy Birthday, Mikao.”

Most of you are aware that I have shared about my Reiki sessions with clients, friends, and family. I also have been teaching Reiki classes and teaching my students to be attuned toReiki. They also are Reiki Practitioners who works with themselves and others to channel Reiki  who are open for healing energies.

It can ben done by doing on it on yourself and you can do it for others also. Then if you are attuned and have waited past one year before you can start teaching Reiki and teaching your students to become Reiki Masters/Teachers.

I am truly blessed with many people and their experiences with Reiki and  that has helped others to have clarity to do things they need to do, Some shared they struggle with  backaches has decreased in pain, they also share that their headaches has be lifted and no longer have the headache, and oh there are so many more healing experiences..

Now I want to share with you about Reiki and healing energies. There is a difference between those two. Now healing energies for example is  a mother holding a sick child. The mother is emanating the healing energy to her child through love and care. That is what healing energy is all about.

Reiki came to us from japan. In Japanese Rei word means Universal and Ki is Life energy. Those two becomes a word Reiki… which means universal life energy. You are able to channel healing energy through your hands. There are many styles/ways of channel healing energies.

Some has came to me and shared that they have experienced doing”Reiki” on others. I became excited and asked how they became Reiki Master or who attuned them to become Reiki Masters. They will state that they already had “reiki”gift in themselves. Reiki again is from Japan… What you channel is healing energy from the universe. Why am I emphasizing them separately…. Reiki came to Mikao Usui. He was a spiritual seeker seeking the truth in the spiritual way of life. He decided to go up in the mountain for 21 days. Prior to the last day, he was getting ready to head back home… He went to the waterfall and went under the pourage of water, during the time he was under the waterfall,  that moment he saw beautiful rainbow-ish  colors of different symbols. The symbols are given to Mikao to use with Reiki to amplify/focus energy to certain issues you have.
I encourage you if you have not been attuned to Reiki. Please use the word healing energy instead of Reiki. If you want to learn more about  Reiki and and the symbols. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to teach you. I have been teaching classes though Zoom Video Conference. You are able to do iit if you see this video right now from you computer that has a webcam in your device. This will be a way for you to join the class. I will send a link to each of my students every week. You will be able to see other students in the class. The link is free. To sign up for class and to take advance of the last Introduction fee for this Fall Course. Grab your chance to save half of the  fee that will occur from the Winter Class and there on…

The new class is forming and will begin September 15. There will be three Classes provided… they are Winter, Spring and Fall.  We will  There will be no Summer classes.

The introduction class fee is your opportunity to join the class this Fall. The Fee for the class in the winter will go up because of the quality of teaching, the time, I spend developing teaching curriculum for each class, and the time I spend with each of the student. I want to take a few minutes to make sure I don’t overlook anything here….

I think this is all I need to share with you here…. If you have any questions, , at the end of this video you will see my contact information. I am avoidable on Monday through Friday. I spend time with my friends and family on the weekends.

Please go to my website and you will find the Page called “Contact Gina.” Fill in the information in the Contact Form. It is also at the Page where you will see “Usui Reiki Guide Classes. In the contact form please add your telephone number and I will contact you by email to set up a time to go over the details about he class sign up. If you are wanting a reiki sessions, you may also contact me using the Contact Form.

Blessings to all of you. I am blessed to know you because you bring blessings to my life. Thank you. Namaste… Light and Love to you.