With a little over a month to go at the 2018 MLB regular season, a number of teams are already looking ahead into the future after falling out of contention.
That’s precisely what we’ll get here.
Baseball is nearly not possible to predict on a year-in, year-out basis, but what follows is an attempt at projecting how the league will appear three years from today.
Contained are projected lineups and rotations/closers for all 30 teams, a glimpse of where every group collapsed in our latest farm system positions, check out noteworthy upcoming free agents every group stands to lose between now and 2021 and a few key notes to think about.
Here is how the projected rosters were assembled:
Players Under Contract: The obvious starting point was to pencil in the gamers that are under contract through the 2021 season.
Arbitration-Eligible Players: Next up were gamers that have not yet reached free service when 2021 rolls up but have already established themselves as everyday big leaguers.
Top Prospects: From that point, the remainder of the roster was full of with high prospects in the plantation system. These players are the toughest to project, as they’ve to prove anything in the big league level, but homegrown talent is vital to creating a winner.
Free Agents: Free agency plays a major role in reshaping the MLB landscape, but for the sake of this exercise, we made no assumptions regarding where players could signal once they reach the open market.
Player/Club/Vesting Options: While no assumptions have been made when it arrived to gamers reaching free agency, we did take the liberty of predicting whether contract options would be resolved or not. Since those players are under team management, it made sense to include them within their projected roster when applicable.
Financial Flexibility: Even though free-agent signing predictions were not made, a team’s anticipated financial flexibility did factor into its place in the ranks.
With all of that in mind, a combo of each group’s projected roster, overall quality of young talent and financial freedom factored into its final position.

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