Each month I will be focusing on each chakra beginning with the Root Chakra. I will be sharing what each chakra stands for and how blocked chakras could affect our mind, body and spirit. This involves the assistance from our God (Higher Source.)

Those things will be shared:

  • Chakra: Color – Location
  • Prime Function (inner spirit): Main Issue
  • Divine Principle (spiritual ways): Goal
  • Physical Property: Sense
  • Anatomical (parts of your body) Connection: Gland
  • Emotional Connection: Sign 

I will also be sharing what planet, element, aromatherapy, metal, sound, food, angel, frangrance, inense, and gemstone goes with each chakra. Excerpted from Sacred Wisdom Chart #16

You are welcome to make comments or ask questions regarding to each specific chakra. We all will be able to see what has been shared and we can learn from one another. My goal for us all to be as one to share what we want others to learn variety of ways to clear our chakras.

I will be doing vlogs in the future with  each of the chakra.

Blessings~~ _/\_

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