Tarot Card – Page of Wands

Hello Dear Ones. Sending my love to you…

Today I would like to do a tarot card reading. My name is Gina Swanson I am doing to do a one card reading to bring the message what the Universe wants to share with you. There may be those who may be guided to this vlog to hear the message that is speciically  for you.

Now I would like to invite the Spirit Beings… God,  that brings power and love to me. Thank you, God for your love. The next Being I am inviting is Archangel Michael. to join us because he is very protective and will protect this reading in this room and to protect the message that is brought to you today. His sword is a part of communication that brings more power to the message. The next Being I am inviting is Archangel Gabirel. Gabirel is here to guide me to share the message that is from the Universe and not to use my own words. I am also inviting Archangel Raphael to be able to help with any type of healing such as your mind, body, and spirit.  Thank you, Spirit Beings and I love you.

(Display the cards and shuffling)

Page of Wands

Hello again, the card I just drew is Page of Wands. Page of Wands, I am going to take a few minutes to describe the card. Page means it’s a young person, very energetic to look  forward to new things that comes into his life. At the bottom of the card shows obstacles that the Page is not bothered to look down at the obstacles but keeping his eyes up and forward. Something good will happen in the future. The sky is blue without clouds… There are no confusions. The wand is a magical thing for you to look forward to to bring good result. Hold on to the wand and know that it will happen is by having faith in something that you are looking forward to.

Now I am going to share the message from the Universe.

As you know we approaching the time for graduations. It may be middle school , high school or college.. You all know that when one person is approaching to the time to graduate tends to have the excitement of to be able to get away from all those studying to graduate. Now that the person has  have the knowledge of what we can apply to look to what will be happening in the near future. You may have studied all that I need to learn to apply it to my future job. The young person tends not to worry about things and look at the problem around their lives. And is more bold to look forward and try new things by having good outlook for new job with new experiences.

I want to emphasis  that our time here on earth is not the same as it is with the Univertse. We may be looking at that job or certain thing we believe is for us but we ended up not getting what we thought was for us. We may become disappointed but don’t be discouraged. The Universe has different type of timing … It may not happen right there but will happen in the future. Our timing is not the same as the Universe.

Have faith like the Page is looking forward beyond what is in front of him and standing with  the wand. The Page is holding on to the wand and having faith that it will happen. Maybe that job you applied for is not what you are hired to work and you may become disappointed or discouraged. You may have had the strong desire for that job. The job position may not be for you and is better for the prsonw ho got that position. Have faith and know that It will happen one day.

The Page doesn’t see clouds of worries or being confused because he didn’t  have much experiences from the past to affect his outlook to the future.

Now I am going to  stop talking about young people… i am going to share tho message with older people like me…I am almost 50 years old. We may have experiences in the past that has affected us. You may be thinking that you are older now and have some anxiety about the things you want to do in the future.. The page of wands card is bringing hope to people like us. We need to  like a young person that is willing to try something different and new that will bring you blessings. That is what we need to practice from day to day is  have faith things will happen in the future. Faith is like magic wand that will happen. It is similar to Law of Attraction. The Page believes in something that he sees and holds onto it knowing that it will happen one day. Then the day will come when “POOF” you got what you wanted.

He is there for each of you. He does not neglect your needs. He is here to love you. I am blessed to share this message wtith you all. The message of happiness nd good news for each of you. You may get the good news by getting a phone call, getting an email, letter nt he mail, or a text message. Keep your eyes open for the good news.

Blessings ~ Namaste