The name Raphael means, “Healing power of God”, “God heals” or “The Divine has healed”.
Raphael is the healing angel. He heals all creatures both physically and spiritually. Raphael is a loving and caring angel. He has a kind and gentle personality and is very helpful. If you are a healer, a doctor, psychologist or someone that helps people, Raphael will assist you and help you heal your patient. He will help you heal yourself if you truly believe and love. He will also help people who are suffering emotionally. If you have lost someone, if you have family issues, addiction and whatever tragedies that may be in your life. He is the caring and loving angel. So pray to him and he will help you.
Archangel Raphael is also known as “the Patron of Travelers” and ensures a safe and secure travel.
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Green sparkles of light, which is the colour of healing.
Call upon Raphael:
If you need healing. Does your physical or spiritual body need healing, call upon Archangel Raphael and he will help you. He may not directly heal your physical wound but he may guide you in what to do to be cured as he did to Tobias father. So pay attention and notice any sudden ideas that may pop up in your mind. It will help you find the cure and heal yourself.
Since Archangel Raphael is the Patron of Travelers he will also make your travel safe and protects you during your travel.

Call upon Raphael if you need emotional or physical healing 

Call upon or pray to Raphael: 
Great Archangel Raphael, the healing angel of God,
I call upon you.
I am in need of your healing power.
I humbly ask you,
To tell me how I can heal my emotional and physical wounds
And guide me, as I shall practice the art of healing.
Stand by my side and direct me every step of the way.
Give me a sign of what to do,
And I shall be your healing hands to help myself and others.
I call upon you great Raphael,
To be the loving and caring angel that you are,
And teach me how to heal.
I ask you to give me clear signs on what to do.
I thank you great Raphael,
For your kindness and your love. 
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