all is well

Hello Everyone… today you are blessed and I am also blessed. What blessings am I talking about? You are led to view this vlog for a reason to receive a message form God/Source/Divine/Universe/Jesus or any masters/ascended masters who guides us with their love and teachings.

I invited Jesus because he is my ascended master. I feel really close to Jesus. some of you might not be comfortable with Jesus and prefer your own master/ascended masters which is okay. You can be assured that you can think of your master/ascend masters sending you the message. There are diversity of beings you can call up on and it all narrows down to God/Universe/Source.

Today I would like to share message with you. How will I bring the message you is by using my oracle cards.
This deck is my first oracle cards and I love it dearly because it is all about archangels.

Here is the message to share with you…. I am going to shuffle the cards 3 tim;es then I wIll split the cdeck and chose the first card on the top of the deck. I believe that the Divine light beings are with us now…. shuffling….Cut the cards… choosing the first card that is on top of the deck…

All is Well – Archangel Jeremiel

The message on the card says… Everything happens that goes in yo=tinto your life… don’t worry, all is well. Channeling the message from Higher Source…

Taking deep breaths…the card is beautiful card. It shows the angel and the beautiful swirling energy around he angel. tThe angel is watching over you. You are a beautiful person and sometimes we struggle with finances, maybe there are limitations with our jobs, struggling with some friends. and maybe there are ssome struggles with your family. It’s okay….

It is important to trust the Divine/Universe. They bring answers to you. How do we find  the answers? It is imperative to relax and meditate. I want to share with you what I have learned recently Prayers in one category and meditation is the other category.. How do we connect them both together? When we supply our requests then we wait for the answers.
Take deep breaths. What is the real purpose for us to do our deep breathings? When you breathe deep breaths, your mind has better clarity because you are calm. When you are calm, your mind, body, spirit, and emotions becomes very relaxed  Then you will be able to receive the message. Here is an aexpample… you throw a small rock into the lake, you see ripples on the lake… You wait and take a look after the ripples are gone.. you see the beauty of the water like glass platform. That enables you to see what is beneath the still water. It  looks like you can walk on glass with the beauty of the lake under your feet. You will see things more clearly below you. It isamaxing sight  when you are able to see through the water.

He encourages yus to KNOW that things are okay…. all is well… Remember to be calm and you will receive the answer you are seeking.

Thank you, God/Universe,  for the message you have shared with us This will help us to know we need to be calm to find answers. We will receive more love and light to guide us with th help of the angels.

Now, you may have some struggles, contact me and I will be happy to consult with you. I give 20 minutes FREE consultation to find out what services is better for you. I work at home, iI don’t have a job outside of my home. I am DeafBlind and transportation is difficult to have and my husband has some physical issues. I work at home. I am here from Mondays through Fridays. Feel free to contact me. You will get 20 minutes FREE consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact me because you are not sure of Gina looks or you may feel like I am too advanced… You may feel that I will not be open to help you… NO… please know that I am here to offer love and peace with my services. God allows me to work at home to work with those who wants experience healing in their mind, body, spirit, and emotions. I truly am blessed to work with who’s souls are experiencing healing though my services.  I want you o experience the amazing healing. Please allow me to help you to reconnect to God/Divine/Source/Universe. Remember all is well.

This is the message delivered to you from God/Divine/Universe. If you want someone o talk about yours struggles, feel free to contact Gina. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel and ask the angel to help assure you to feel free to ask Archangel Jeremial. It is okay…. All is well.

Blessings with Love and Light