Are you struggling with some sort of addiction? Cigarette? Alcohol? Spending spree? Food cravings?  Have you thought of trying to reduce or break away from the addictions? Would you prefer to use alternative ways to break away from the struggles?

Reiki Sessions and weekly consultations may help you.  I will be happy to work along side with you to break those addictions. You can schedule an appointment with me for 20 minutes what we can do.  20 minutes to discuss the services consolation is FREE.

Let’s begin by maying an appointment…. It is a long road ahead but WE (God/Universe, Archangel Raphael, you and me) can do it TOGETHER.

Here are the links to those services:

20/60 Minutes Consultation – 20 minutes FREE and $15 1 hour session (Videophone, Communication Assistant (VRS) or Web Chat:)

Minutes of Consultation

Type of Consultation


30 Minutes Distant Reiki Session – $35:


60 Minutes Distant Reiki Session – $55:


Gina Swanson, HHP