Gina is  passionate to offer Holistic Practice Trainings for those who wants learn more about how to promote self-healing and healing for others. Holistic Practice Trainings includes Reiki, Essential Oils, Stones, and Chakras in American Sign Language.

I also work with individuals who suffers from aches, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) I provide Holistic Medicine resources that helps them to learn how to have a healthier mind, body, spirit, and emotions by using tools that includes Reiki, Essential Oils, and Stones.

• Discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose.
• Develop clarity about what you really want in your life.
• Change self-defeating behavioral patterns that are holding you back.
• Improve your self-confidence and motivation.
• Create a plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
• Achieve results much more rapidly than you would on your own.
Gina Swanson…
  • lives in Wellsville, Kansas, (about 45 miles south from the Kansas City, Missouri,) the Sunflower state.
  • is Deaf and uses hearing aids.
  • inherited the syndrome of Optic Atrophy from her mother.
  • earned her 19 certificates from Reiki Rays Institute in Lawrence, Kansas.  She is also certified by the International Center for Reiki Training in Sedona, Arizona.  She is a Reiki Master.

Others will say that Gina is the person you want to hang out in a quiet atmosphere.

You can find her in the Facebook Page called Swanson’s Holistic Hands. Click here to go to her Facebook page