30 Minutes Distant Chakras Test and Clearing

Struggling with health issues is because there is lack of importance of well-balanced, healthy and harmonious Chakras in maintaining holistic health. The importance of Chakras for a balanced mind, body, spirit, and emotions has been ignored for long time. Even though we are blessed with abundance of information on these wheels of energy called ‘Chakras’ in ancient Indian literature, some misconceptions have kept them out of reach of the common people.

So what are Chakras and what is the role that they play in our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being?

A body of energy called Aura permeates our physical body. However, the Aura is unevenly distributed and like the whirlpools in an ocean, there are swirling vortexes of energy in our Aura. These vortexes of energy look like spinning wheels so therefore it’s called ‘Chakras’.

One way to fully understand your whole being is to understand and experience your Chakra energetic system. These wheels of energy blend your life-force energy with your physical energy. They are an necessary part of our life-force energy keeping our whole mind and body working together. There are major and minor chakras; the major chakras manage your most critical bodily functions and issues, and the minor chakras regulate less fundamental needs. These energy centers are located on and around your body.

The experiences that we go through, our thoughts and attitudes can, and does cause imbalance or blocks in our Chakras. Especially those who tend to associate with negative emotions or reactions are more prone to have completely or partially blocked Chakras and many times even blown out Chakras. All our expressions, feelings and senses, including the sixth sense, are associated with the major Chakras.

Any problem that you have, whether it a physical ailment, negative emotion(s), faulty beliefs or rigid, dogmatic spiritual perceptions, stems from or creates stuck energy. To fully heal from an ailment, you must release the stagnant energy that is the root cause of it. By working with your Chakras, you can clear away the stuck energy that does not serve your highest purpose. This broadens your perspective which will assist you in making the changes necessary for better health, relationships and personal and financial wellbeing.

With clear Chakras, you may experience abundance in loving relationships, you become in touch with your feelings, you access your personal power of creativity, you are able to fully give and receive love, you are open to express yourself and communicate freely, you gain an inner understanding of your being and the world that you live in, and you become connected to your highest self and feel an internal harmony that everyone should experience.

There are seven major Chakras, each of which is located in a specific area, have a specific name and a specific set of functions. They regulate the energy flow through out our bodies and also govern the seven major endocrine glands and by extension various parts of our bodies.

The Therapy includes:


  • 20 minutes pre-session videophone/web chat call,
  • 30 minutes Test and Clearing, and then Gina will

email you the results (Give it approximately 2 business days.)

  • 1 hour post-session videophone/video web chat to go over the results.


The session can be done in person or distantly.

I also offer Questionnaire for each of your chakra to help you to find the feelings that are buried down inside you that needs to surface ignored to help your chakra to get back to a healthy state. Feel free to ask me about the Questionnaires.


If you have any questions, feel free to use the Contact Form below to set a time for you to ask me a question regarding to the 30 minutes distant chakras test and clearing.

7 Chakras Questionnaire

After the Test and Clearing Therapy has ben done and we may see that you are struggling with some issues according to certain chakra… I offer 7 weeks to coach you through each chakra with the questionnaire that will help you understand why you are struggling with blocked chakra . This service is a 7 weeks package to go through each chakra. You will receive the Questionnaire in your email.  We will go over each Chakra per week.

Feel free to use the Contact Form below to ask me questions regarding to each of the service I offer regarding to the 7 Chakras.

Blessings ~ Namaste



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