Manager’s Pick of the Month (10% off)

Manager’s Pick of the Month (10% off)

Benefits of wearing magnetic therapy jewelery: It stimulates an increases in the blood flow and reduces inflammation, people who suffer from certain specific ailments, may benefit the most from magnetic therapy. Some of these ailments include arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back and 




Magnetic therapy is consided to be a safe form of therapy. However, magnetic products are not being sold as medical devices or to be replaced professionally prescribed by medical doctors. You should consult your doctor before use.

Pregnant women, pacemaker users, or any other electrical implant or device for medical reasons of any kind.

The percentage of relief will vary  with each person.

WARNING…. Do not place your Magnetic therapy Jewelry directly on creditcards, computers, computer disks. The magnetic energy may erase the information stored on the cards, disks, or hard drive. 

Variety of outcome from each person:  Each person are different. Ofen you wilhear doctors say: ” Try this and call if you feel strange.” The simple reason, there are millions of people and everyone has a different reaction. This occurs also with magnets. Normally, you should feel results in 24-48 hoursand some will feel the reult in minutes, even seconds or even feel strange. Those types of people should remove the magnets and wear just a few minutes a day for a few days to let the body associate with the magnets.  then you woill be able to wear them all day, everyday. Others will not feel or seem to feel any results for weeks and then remove it and feel it is gone because the pain seems to come back.
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