“Find the Light Within”

Gina is passionate to offer Holistic Practice Trainings for those who wants learn more about how to promote self-healing and healing for others. Holistic Practice Trainings includes Reiki, Essential Oils, Stones, and Chakras in American Sign Language.

She also work with individuals who suffers from:




-Mental Health struggles

-Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Gina has great knowledge base in Holistic Medicine resources that helps her clients to learn how to have a healthier mind, body, spirit, and emotions by using tools that includes Reiki, Essential Oils, and Stones.

Other possibilities is to help discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose, develop clarity about what you really want in your life, change self-defeating behavioral patterns that are holding you back, improve your self-confidence and motivation, create a plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and

achieve results much more rapidly than you would on your own.

One on Once Services:

-Life Coach Sessions range from one to seven areas in your life

-Cards Readings

-Reiki Therapy

-Chakra Therapy

(Video Chat such as FaceTime. Zoom, Messenger, or Videophone)

Gina Swanson

  • lives in Wellsville, Kansas, (about 45 miles south from the Kansas City, Missouri,) the Sunflower state.
  • is Deaf and uses hearing aids.
  • inherited the syndrome of Optic Atrophy from her mother.
  • Married to Ronald Swanson since 2008
  • Mother/Step mother and Nana
  • Certifications: Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master,  Reiki Rays Institute 2009
  • Reiki Master, International Center for Reiki Training 2010
  • Life Coach, International Coaching Federation 2013

Others will say that Gina is warm and compassionate and you would want to hang out in a quiet atmosphere.

You can find her in the Facebook Page,  Swanson’s Holistic Hands. Click here to go to her Facebook page

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